ALUFOR towing mirrors


NEW! With E-mark: Tested and approved by Dutch department of road safety. Complies with all European regulations.

Combining modern styling with precision design. The all NEW Repusel Caravan Towing Mirror is a winner all round, and fits on 99% of all cars, SUV’s, 4 x 4’s and vans.

The Repusel towing mirrors are completely adapted to the new car mirrors; top and buttom fixation goes without saying!  A moveable power-sucker (MULTISLIDE) can be positioned at the most critical spots to ensure that the strap grips firmly on the mirror housing. Additional Multislides (part no. 3017) can be fitted on a strap if desired.

An Aerodynamic design and yet a perfect view

Is your caravan or trailer wider than the vehicle and does it block the line of sight? Extend your view by sliding-out the aluminium or stainless steel arm up to 33 inches with a short arm, or 44 inches with a long arm. A large aerodynamic mirrorhead to add to the view, to enhance the safety of towing.

  • 36 cm straps have powerful hooks and are long enough to fit the largest mirrors.
  • If your car is fitted with modern electric self-parking mirrors, you will be delighted to know that the NEW Repusel Caravan Mirrors have been specially designed to protect your car. New bumper cushions are incorporated in the rubber mirror surround, and the position and design of the wingbolt have been chosen to avoid any possible damage.
  •  With ANTI-SLIDE COVER: ensures that the mirror system, together with the Multislide, will remain firmly attached to almost any car mirror and is wind resistant.


Repusel mirrors have durable plastic straps, high quality materials, and all parts of the Repusel towing mirror are replaceable; ensuring long life and good value.

Installation Video

Installs quickly for temporary use.

Easy 3-step installation

Vehicle fit

Does the REPUSEL towing mirror fit on my car?


The following ALUFOR models are available:

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