What caravanners say about REPUSEL:

  • Good afternoon, We drove 2700km from central UK to Stuttgart and return towing 3500kg trailer, 7.14m long x 2.33m wide x 2.60m high. The 3007 mirrors were excellent  -  very pleased. Regards, Leslie

  • Thank you for your excellent product, the towing Alufor mirror. It’s a permanent feature on my Opel Vivario van. I don’t use it for towing, but for eliminating blind spots at the back of the van. The main reason I bought your product, was for driving on the continent with a right hand drive van. There is a large blind spot on the left, especially when driving a van on motorways. Your mirror eliminates this.

  • I Installed the mirrors as suggested and have utilized them on several trips over the Cascade Mountains here in Washington State. The mirrors have held fast in terrible weather conditions including snow, ice, rain, high winds, etc... The mirrors are working fine. I was skeptical, but the mirrors have proven effective.

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