Whether the vehicles mirror is sharply angledextremely round on the back – or very large. Caravan extremely wide?

The Repusel Caravan Mirrors take all this in its stride!

The new REPUSEL product-line offers caravan-users:
* Optimum, unobstructed view to the rear
* Old fashioned, unequalled Repusel quality in a modern styling
* Incredible comfort
* Easy attachment in only 3 movements

What’s more, the rubber mirror rings of the Repusel Caravan Mirrors are provided with bumper cushions. No more problems with car mirrors that spring back automatically when parking.

The new Repusel Caravan Mirrors are available in 2 models:

– Alufor (with aluminium arms)
– Luxmax (with stainless steel arms and tinted antiglare mirror glasses).

Both models can be supplied with short or long arms, convex or flat glasses.

The secret of its solid fixing lies in its construction and innovative, unique attachmentsystem. This system consists of an anti-slide cover in combination with a very strong, slide able power-sucker which can be positioned correctly in the most critical spot. Both the anti-slide cover and the slide able power-sucker function at the same time as distance-keepers, to help protect the paintwork of the car’s mirror head.

Strips of 36 cm are included -ideal for very large mirrors. Exchangeable glasses. All spare parts can be delivered seperately!!!



The REPUSEL range offers a selection of next generation products for optimal view that is essential for towing safely.





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